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The world-renowned author Emerson Pearson probably found Night Divine like many listeners do; through the song Transcend.


BY Emerson Pearson – writer for Complex Magazine, May 2024

James Aeronomy accepting the 2017 WAMI Award presented to Night Divine
James on stage accepting a trophy at the WAMI Awards Show. Thanks to listener voting support, his band Night Divine has been a finalist for seven straight years.

James Aeronomy is a talented musician hailing from Rhinelander, Wisconsin. Currently residing in Maryville, Tennessee, James has had a passion for music since a young age. His musical journey began when his uncle gifted him his first acoustic guitar at the age of 12. From there, he practiced diligently and honed his skills.

During the 80s, James expanded his repertoire by picking up the electric guitar and bass. He drew inspiration from the popular hair metal bands of the time. The challenge of learning and mastering complex musical parts always intrigued him.

In his early years, James played in a band called JaM (Jim and Mike), bringing the joy of music to his neighborhood in Rhinelander. Later on, he joined a 90s music cover band called Mind Medicine, showcasing his versatility. In the 2000s, James was part of both a cover band named Cry Wulf and an original progressive rock band named Parallaxiom.

The Night Divine banner is displayed at a concert
This banner can be seen at live venues where Night Divine plays such as the very first Midwest Original Music Festival (MOMfest) that featured original artists from around the United States.

However, it was in 2014 that James found his calling in Christian Rock. Inspired by a video testimony of Petra lead singer John Schlitt, who had transitioned from a successful career in Head East to Christian Rock, James decided to pursue music with a spiritual message. This led to the formation of Night Divine, a Christian Rock band that James is deeply passionate about.

Night Divine’s acoustic single for the song Transcend has attracted positive feedback from listeners.

While James has not received direct shoutouts from bigger artists, the inspiration he drew from John Schlitt’s testimony has been a driving force in his musical journey. In fact, James had the incredible opportunity to meet John Schlitt in person in Nashville and express his gratitude for the positive impact he had on Night Divine’s formation.

Looking back on his musical journey, James admits to having one regret – waiting too long before venturing into Christian music. However, he has made up for lost time by immersing himself in the Christian Rock scene and collaborating with various church worship teams. James has even recorded two live albums with The Rockin’ Psalms, further solidifying his dedication to spreading the message of faith through music.

James Aeronomy playing bass guitar on stage at the Cup O Joy Music Venue with The Rockin' Psalms
James playing with The Rockin’ Psalms at the Cup O’ Joy Music Venue

And that wraps up our interview with the talented James Aeronomy. His musical journey is a testament to the power of passion, inspiration, and the pursuit of one’s calling. We can’t wait to see what the future holds. He has shown by the quality of his songs; his dedication and hard work to make a difference in the music industry even as an independent artist. He has big plans for the future as he is currently working on new projects.

The 2024 Out of the Dust album is the latest release from Night Divine.

Watch out for this genius as he is confident in his talent and the vibe he brings to the table together with the message he is carrying which is freedom, equality and peace while having fun.

At this point it is safe to say he is one of the talented stars to look out for. Check out his magnificent pieces of work via the link below.

Logo for the Night Divine website

Some of the music that James has contributed to includes:

James played bass guitar with the all-original progressive metal band Parallaxiom.
In 2017, world-renowned guitar player and instructor Troy Stetina invited James to play bass guitar for a special Christmas concert that he put together.
In 2019, James played bass guitar live with The Rockin’ Psalms at a benefit show for the Armed Forces. The audio from that night was used to produce their first album entitled Armed Forces.
In 2020, James played live on The Rockin’ Psalms second album Lockdown Live 2020.
In 2022, James played bass guitar on the One Stone Down single Welcome to Church. This song was co-written and produced by Gold Record Artist Mikey Howard from the band Seventh Time Down.
James has played on a number of church worship teams throughout the years. website banner
Night Divine’s acoustic single for the song Transcend has attracted positive feedback from listeners.